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 When Advertising for Us

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When Advertising for Us Vide
PostSubject: When Advertising for Us   When Advertising for Us I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 28, 2010 1:55 pm

A quick backstory so far till we get new Info USE THIS .

Quote :
Empire Wrestling Alliance


Bellmonte Darke (84) & Manorah Darke (76)

Co-Owners/General Managers

William Darke (54/Son) & Crystal Darke (50/Daughter In Law)


Blade=Michael Darke (30)

Invader=Brendan Darke (2When Advertising for Us Icon_cool

Lucien=Maxwell Smith (2When Advertising for Us Icon_cool Friend of Invader

Cierra=Rebecca Darke (34) Fiance of Lucien/Sister of Blade/Invader

The Lead To Story

Bellmonte is having problems with his breathing. He won't go to a
doctor. His family has secretly called in a physician to examine him.
Bellmonte tries what he can to not see the doctor but eventually gives
in. The doctor sets up all of his needed equipment and begins to
examine. He finds the problem in Bellmonte's lungs. Before the doctor
can tell the family what the problem is Blade bursts out that when his
Grandfather dies he and his brother, Invader are gonna run D.E.W.
Naturally a huge argument breaks out within the family.

Manorah yells out that it doesn't matter when he dies and they
shouldn't be trying to rush it. She will have nothing to do with it.

(End of Week 1.)

A week later, after Bellmonte's death, the rumors are circulating
about a new type of match that will determine the new owners of D.E.W.
William has made a match that will take place in his fathers
Skyscraper. 2 teams. First team of Blade and Invader and they are
against a team to be named.

(End of Week 2.)

A week later, with people guessing who will face Blade/Invader,
William comes out and announces that The Undertaker & Kane will
take on the other 2 brothers. It will be brothers against brothers in
the Darke Printing's Skyscraper. The first team to the roof are named
the CEO's of D.E.W. If Taker/Kane win then naturally William/Crystal
run the company. Both teams will start the match in the basement. 2
elevators - 1 Express and 1 normal. Each elevator only goes up 20
floors before you have to go to another elevator. The first to the roof
and raise the D.E.W. flag are declared the winners/CEO's.

(End of Week 3.)

Invader & Blade come out doing a promo for the Skyscraper
Match, Blade reveals what actually killed his grandfather. About a
month ago, Blade asked Bellmonte for control of D.E.W. and he refused
to give him anything. Blade took out a small knife and threatened to
stab him in the chest but actually give his grandfather a fatal heart

This brings out the Brothers of Destruction. The 4 men now standing
in the ring. All 4 are about the same stature. Taker says that neither
he or his brother volunteered for this match but after hearing what
they had just heard they now know it was the right thing to do. The
promo ends with Kane saying that no matter who wins, Blade better hope
they don't throw his pathetic ass off the building.

Kane/Taker leave the ring and walk towards the curtains. Cierra
makes a surprise "visit". She stands in their way and laughs at them
and yelling that they sold out. Kane/Taker step aside to go around her
and go to the back. She continues to laugh as she walks towards
Blade/Invader. Another unexpected "visit" by Rayven and she runs up to
Cierra and shoves her off the ramp and it drops her to the cement
floor. Bruises, scratches and scars form on her hands and knees. Rayven
gives Cierra, Blade & Invader middle fingers. She grabs a mic and
says "That's the bottom line....Bitch!" She goes to the back as
Blade/Invader check on Cierra as Lucien finally runs out to check on
her as well.

(End of Week 4.)

Darke Printing is 80 floors. Floor 40 had a sneak attack by Cierra
as Blade/Invader go to the next floor with an elevator. Taker/Kane
catch up and both teams got in the same elevator. Brawling inside it as
it reaches the top floor to the roof. 2 flag poles for each team but
the D.E.W. flag is being worn by Rayven as a bikini. It comes to an end
with the Invader ripping of her top to use as a flag and getting the
win. The ppv ends with the camera's inside the arena pointed to the
DEWTron that shows "The time for waiting is over...."

(End of PPV)

William comes out and is saddened by the outcome of last weeks ppv.
Thankfully he and his wife had come up with an alternative to help
sooth the wounds in case the ppv main event didn't work how they
wanted. They hired someone that has more than what it takes to help
them out with what they need to do to get full control of D.E.W. Glass
Shatters, the crowd goes wild and out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin and
he is making his way to the ring. He climbs inside and poses on all 4
corners. He snatches the mic from William and says he was asked to come
out here on behalf of a CEO. Blade appears and says it certainly wasn't
him but possibly 1 of the other 3. Either way it's good to see him here
and the past is behind him.

Like the typical jackass that he is, he didn't let him say which
CEO and from when and where. William & Crystal hired him a few
weeks back in case some crap happened like it did at the ppv. And that
match will be for the ownership of D.E.W. and it will be tonight so
whatever they do tonight won't mean a damn thing come next week after
he wins tonight.

The match is made into a Falls Count Anywhere match. Blade also
confirms that a new building is being developed close to Darke
Printing. It will replace the old building as it will be torn down.
Suddenly all 4 CEO's enter the ring and surround Austin. They gang up
on him and beat on him until Taker/Kane arrive to help. Tide turns and
Rayven comes out to take care of Cierra. The 3 men CEO's are thrown
from the ring and Cierra is tossed in. Kane, Taker and Austin threaten
with their finishers but Rayven delivers her own version of a Stunner
and shoves Cierra from the ring.

(End of Week 1/Month 2)

Again, all rough sketch stuff. These characters from the Darke
family are exclusive to me. The above story isn't necessarily how
D.E.W. will operate, it might be, but it was mostly how I killed a few
days time.

D.E.W. Match Types

First Blood - Tag Match, Womens

Skyscraper Match

Hardcore Bra & Panty Match

Battle Dome - No Ring, Frame of Dome is wrapped in Razor-wire aka a Street Fight in a Dome.

Parking Lot/Garage Brawl

Million Dollar Challenge Ladder Match

Announcers: JR, The King, Joey Styles

Reporters: Maria, Rebecca
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When Advertising for Us

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