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Welcome to the forum. To see the full forum, you must register now. To those 4 that were members/staff before, TAKE A GUESS WHO DELETED's a hint, you do this with a shovel....or at least that's the name they gave when they made their intro thread. NEW FORUM
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 Transformers Eclipse : Profiles

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Transformers Eclipse : Profiles Vide
PostSubject: Transformers Eclipse : Profiles   Transformers Eclipse : Profiles I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 29, 2010 1:14 pm

You must create a profile to participate in the RPG
Try and create an interesting character for your profile; you don’t have to but it’s more interesting that way.

You are limited to two weapons and one special ability or power. This
ability/power can be depleted.

Weapons are counted as types more than number, for instance Bluestreak
has shoulder mounted weapons, as they are exactly the same they will
count as one, where as two energy weapons like an EMP blaster and a Ion
blaster would be different, however be reasonable with this, very few
TF's have more than two of any type.

Try to be realistic in the alt modes, when it comes to the arsenal you
will be carrying. For example if your alt-mode is a seeker similar to
an F-16, you won’t be able to carry more than 6 missiles/bombs. And
always consider ammo/energy. Don’t go into insane barrages thinking
that you have infinite ammo. There’s no need for absolute realism of
course, just something to keep things on track.

This time, there aren’t many restrictions about alt-modes. There can be
no six-changers or combiners for one player; there is a limit of 2
alt-modes (triple-changer). Contrary to the previous War Zone, you can
be a Pretender if you like. The human cover won’t be considered

The following is a rough guide as to how to fill out your profile.
Primary function:
Alt mode: (you are limited to two)
Alt mode 2 (if applicable)
Weapons: (You will be limited to three types and you must say how much ammo each holds and how many clips you can carry)

Profile: Who you character is
Abilities: What can you do?
Weaknesses: Everyone must give their character at least one weakness

For the stats you have 70 points to spread around where you want,
please try and make it in keeping with you character i.e. if you
character is a stealthy type like bumblebee your strength will probably
not be very great, equally a powerful character like Megatron is
usually not very fast. For each war you are a part of you will gain one
and 1/2 point up to a maximum of 91. This will allow for upgrades in
the future.
Other stats are: A stat point can be spread across two catagories so you may have a .5, The highest any stat can be is 10.

Speed (see notes below)
Endurance (fuel consumption)
Accuracy (with weapons)
Hand to hand skill
Technical Skill

You cannot re-distribute your stats mid game so think about where you wish to put them.

Some notes on special abilities.
Abilities that your Alt mode has as standard are not considered special.
Abilities do require some common sense, it is perfectly reasonable for
a jet to have sophisticated radar equipment; but as Transformers are
robots in disguise they probably can’t tell an enemy from a standard
military jet from a distance. In this case it would not be considered a
special ability as this would be standard equipment for the alt mode.
Staying on the subject of jets, interstellar flight would be considered
a special ability; however this would have the added benefit of being
very fast.
Consider your ability, does it have an added bonus or does it have any drawbacks.
Teleportation is permitted as a special ability but would have
drawbacks, it would be a huge drain on power reserves and accuracy of
the ability would decrease over distance. Also only one member of any
team can have this ability at any time.
Cloaking is acceptable but you would be unable to fight cloaked as this would be unfair to others.
Also if you have this ability you must have stated that you have cloaked before you can uncloak somewhere else.

No special ability (Cloaking, teleportation etc) can be used more than three times in an episode.

If your ability has an effect like holograms, invisibility etc it can only last for a duration of 3 posts

If unsure about ability’s look towards pre-exiting characters for
guidance. I.E. Skywarp can teleport but doesn't do so very often.
Profile away.

Notes on combiners:

- Two players can powerlinx, like in TF: Energon. Both players have to
have agreed in this. Each powerlinx is allowed between a specific
couple of players; you cannot go around changing powerlinx partners.

Combiners ARE allowed.

- In both Powerlinx and Combiner situations, the players involved have
to have decided how the combined form will work. It can either be one
of the players participating in the RPG as the combined form, or all
the players can be this combined form, after they have discussed and
planned how they will move.
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Transformers Eclipse : Profiles

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