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 My Story!

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My Story! Vide
PostSubject: My Story!   My Story! I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 29, 2010 5:35 pm

My Story

by Dave Juliano (NOT WOLF LOL)

It started when I was three years old. One night I awoke to find a small
child-like figure in my bed with me. He was about 2 feet tall and had the
features of a small child, but its head was swollen well beyond a normal
size. It was wearing a blue gown with the hands not visible at the end
of the sleeves. It was moving its mouth and talking in gibberish. The figure
was as real as I was, and it was surrounded by a kind of glowing haze.
I ran to my parents' bedroom and woke up my dad, but, of course, he told
me to go back to sleep. So I returned to my room and now the figure was
standing on my bed. I grabbed a pillow and covered my face and jumped on
the bed. It was gone. That started something that would last the next 26

I'll condense the years up until 1990. Those appearances, while still
frightening, never really made me feel threatened. During this period,
which included teenage years, I saw the figure with the same frequency.
My bedroom is located at the end of a hallway with 2 other bedrooms before
mine. At the other end of the hallway is a landing that blocks the view
to the steps. From my bed I could look out my door and down the hall to
the landing and the top of the steps. I always knew right before the figure
would appear, because the hair on the back of my neck would stand up and
I would get uncontrollable chills. The figure would then appear either
on top of the landing or come around the base of the landing and start
down the hall toward my room. It never seemed to pay any attention to the
other rooms at all. I would normally panic and either shut my door or run
into my parents' room and sleep on the floor. Imagine finding your 18 year
old son curled up on your bedroom floor when you wake up in the morning.
My parents and sister didn't really fully believe that I was seeing this
apparition. I also would stay up late, being the night person that I am,
and watch TV. In my living room, we have the stairs that lead up to the
2nd floor. It has a wooden railing on it that goes the length of the last
4 steps. I would often see the figure on the steps watching me from the
3rd or 4th step and then disappear. The only real changes during this time
period were that the figure was losing its color and becoming more transparent.

Now things will change drastically. A neighbor, with some knowledge
of this sort of activity, told me to confront the figure and tell it to
leave and never come back. I was to tell it that I was its power source
and I was shutting off the power. I did this and enjoyed about a year of
no sightings. Around this time, I told the story to my girlfriend of the
time. She thought that its description sounded like a baby with water on
the brain and still wearing its gown from the hospital. She thought that
it was a lost soul trying to contact me to help it with some task, so that
it could finally rest in peace. I started to look into the house's history
and my family's. The house sits on land that was farmland and a dirt road
only 150 years ago. The land was owned by one man and he had his farm and
homestead around the area of my house (the main house of his estate is
one block from my house and is still standing) My house is 40 years old
and we are the 2nd family to live in it. The couple before us had no children
that we know about. I have a sister 3 years younger than me and no other
siblings. I have asked my parents if they had a child that died that I
was unaware of, but they didn't. So after all my checking, I found nothing
that could explain the apparition.

After a week of thinking about the interpretation my girlfriend had
given, guilt of banishing the figure overcame me. I asked it to come back
one night and told it I would help it. The very next night the sightings
started again , but with much greater intensity. I can say now, NEVER do
what I did, once it's gone, let it stay gone. The sightings would happen
more frequently and sometimes they would terrify me. The figure looked
the same but something was very different. I was sure what it was, but
now there was another force in addition to the familiar figure. I began
to see small black colored creatures which I can only describe as imps.
They were solid black, 1-2 feet tall and ran around on all fours. They
appeared mostly in the living room and coming from the hall closet.

Now to explain the rest of the house set up that pertains to the
story. The man that lived here before us started to dig out a basement,
but he never completed it. All that remains is a 3-4 foot crawl space accessible
from outside the house. The hall closet was to be the stairs down to the
basement. He had started making the stairs going down but he boarded it
all up when he stopped digging the basement. The stairs going up to the
2nd floor are directly over the would-be basement step and the hall closet.
So there are 2 ways from inside the house to access the crawl space, if
you really wanted to, rip up the 3rd or 4th step of the stairs or knock
out the back of the closet. I began to make the connection between where
the figures appeared and where the access ways were.

The sightings got more intense and sometimes they even drove me from
my house. Normally, my dog would sense the small figure and act funny when
it was around, but now when the imps appeared my dog would be in a very
deep sleep and I could never wake him up. I would either leave the house
and stay over at a friends. Sometimes I would be knocking on her door at
2 a.m. terrified. Other times, if I was able to get between them and the
steps, I would make a run for it to my room or my parents' room, because,
even these creatures would not venture in the bedrooms. My mother was noticing
my moods and I had told her about the new happenings so she told me to
get her the next time I saw the figure or imps. The next time I saw the
figure upstairs coming down the hall, I ran into her room and woke her
up. I led her out into the hall where the figure still was. I pointed to
it and it began to back away and go down the steps. I chased it down to
the 3rd step where it vanished. While she could not see it, she could tell
by my eye movements that I was watching something moving across the hall
and steps. I think that's when my family started to believe a little.

I became used to these new additions because they never did any harm
but they did make me feel very uneasy. The figure was becoming even more
transparent. Certain lamps in the house would go on and off by themselves
often with other witnesses around. I would hear the TV go on in the middle
of the night when I knew no one was downstairs. I had theorized that the
figure needed help to appear because it was slowly fading away. I assumed
the imps were helping him, but the figure was still fading. I was waiting
for a new addition to the cast, so the figure could still appear, since
I still hadn't figured out what it wanted me to do.

The sightings stopped again for a few months. I spoke with a parapsychologist
, but then decided to leave well enough alone. I didn't want things getting
worse. I decided to go into the crawl space and check out the area under
the stairs. I took my dog down there with me and I crawled to the area.
There had not been anyone under there for years before this. I found an
Old Maid playing card with not a bit of dust on it right under the 3rd
step. We have wall to wall carpeting so this did not fall through the joints.
I hadn't seen that deck of cards for over 20 years, but here was one. It
had one corner that looked like it had been dipped in acid, but the rest
was in good shape. I took it and put in a pocket bible and put it in my

The sightings started again, only very small. I would call my girlfriend
on the cordless phone and tell her it's happening again and then walk upstairs
while still on the phone with her. The next time was the worst of all.
The figure appeared very bright, like it did years ago, but it didn't look
very happy. The imps appeared again but they were more bold this time.
Then a 7 foot tall man- shaped black figure appeared. It looked like it
was either made of smoke or some liquid. It looked semi-solid and you couldn't
see through it. At the same time, the room was filled with imps and a bearded
old mans face took shape on the wall and started mumbling. The face was
about 6 foot high and 4 foot wide. The familiar figure looked like it was
sorry for doing this to me. I left the house and sat in my car until dawn.

I knew I had to confront this new entity and try to drive it away.
I also figured that if it wanted me, it was going to get me either way,
so I had nothing to lose. My sanity, life and maybe my soul were on the
line and I honestly believed this was the only way to stop it before it
branched out. I was the original power source, so I was going to shut off
the power. The next night I prayed for protection and the strength to drive
this evil away. I had a bible handy as I sat up as usual listening to my
CD's. About 2 a.m., I noticed my dog was in one of those deep, deep sleeps
and I began to look around. The figure and the Tall black figure appeared
along with the rest of the apparitions. I informed them in the calmest
voice I could get at this time, that I was taking away their power and
they had no hold on me or power over me. I told them I, my family and house
was protected by God and they could not harm us. I walked right past the
tall figure and the imps moved out of my way. I walked right up the steps
and never looked back.

That was about 2 years ago and I have not seen them since. We placed
a bible on the stairs and a cross in the closet to block off their entrances.
I still feel there is a presence there that tries to get me to let in it.
I still hear bumping and walking around, but the apparitions are gone,
banished to the crawl space I assume. They will not get another portal
in here so they will remain there. We did have the house blessed years
ago, every where except the crawl space. I think that might be the answer
to end it all for good.

Footnotes 1998:

I have learned alot since I first put my story to paper. I
now realize that many of my reactions to the majority of the encounters
were, while natural, not necessary. The house was haunted by an earthbound
spirit and when I had asked it to leave, it stopped contacting me, but
was still there. It never harmed me and was only trying to get my
attention. Because I didn't understand what was happening,
I reacted the way everyone else would, with fear. I did tell it it
could come back and the way I did it caught the attention of other earthbound
spirits in the area and one non human one. The majority of the experiences
after I opened the door back up were with human spirits, some not as friendly
as the original one who also came back. While there was one
encounter with something I believe was a non human entity, the majority
of the other spirits were earthbound human spirits. In regards to
the black imps, let me just say that these may have been either type of
spirit, I'm still not sure at this point. I have researched them
further but I am unable to say with out a doubt that they were evil.

I believe the tall black figure was evil though.
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My Story!

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